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Scott P. Shepherd

Jeannie Emerald Star Angel Award recipient - Executive Producer /Awarded by the Southern California Motion Picture Council / Golden Star Halo Award / Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Industry


Scott started out acting in numerous films, including “Vampires Kiss” with Nicholas Cage and “Coming To America” with Eddie Murphy. Later, he became a partner with Gridlock Productions producing TV commercials and music videos. Scott began producing independent films, including “Destiny To Order” with Michael Ironside, “Fright House” with Al Lewis, “Good Night Sweet Marilyn” with Jeremy Slate. A deal with Time-Warner cable, Scott Executive Produced and hosted the celebrity guest TV fitness show "Kick Back". The show lasted 23 episodes with positive reviews.


With his love of the west, Scott co-produced two documentaries for The Learning Channel titled “Gunfighters Of The West” Parts I & II, starring Brian Dennehy. The success of his western genre focus earned him numerous awards, including the Buck Jones Medal of Honor for achievement and Golden Horseshoe Western Film Preservation Award.


Publishing giant Golden Books Family Entertainment, owners of the Lone Ranger trademark at the time, were seeking an actor who personified the masked man. Having met with Scott on previous projects, Golden Books’ executives selected Scott to portray the new Lone Ranger, in 2000. He appeared in TV commercials, a promotional tour, print ads and involved in plans for a feature film. Scott was the first authorized actor, since actor Clayton Moore, to wear the mask. Golden Books filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and all projects were shelved indefinitely. In 2013, Jerry Bruckheimer will be releasing his version of the Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer


After the Golden Books opportunity ended, Scott put his producing hat back on. He eventually teamed up with Astrablu Media, Inc. developing major film projects on the independent level. Their release of "National Lampoon's Cattle Call" far exceeded expectations in unit sales. They are currently Executive Producing the suspense thriller Spreading Darkness starring Eric Roberts and James Duval


As a producer, Scott has joined forces with numerous industry professionals and production companies to develop various projects across the entertainment industry.


Trivia note, Scott was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1994 with the likes of action film stars Chuck Norris, Don Wilson and Jeff Speakman. Scott was inducted for his seminar work around the country and promoting FUMA Crusade Against Crime and Drugs, associated with Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out Of America


Scott owns the Renegade Ranch in Las Vegas, where he trains horses as part of his love for the West. He has partnered with various youth charities, in which inner city children get to experience the world of horses, cowboys and agriculture.

Scott spends much of his time supporting and promoting the Roy Rogers and Dales Evans Happy Trails Childrens Foundation. An organization that helps children of abused homes.



James De Masi


Mr. De Masi started his professional career in the 1990’s working for a Wall Street investment firm in New York after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Political Science.


From 1999 to 2005, he worked as a consultant and raised money for debt restructuring and expansion for small to mid size real estate projects as well as several casino hotel properties in Las Vegas. He has created both short and long term road maps for film and real estate companies to follow in order to help them achieve agreed upon targeted growth plans. Mr. DeMasi has risen over $50,000,000 for film production and real estate related projects since 1999.


While living in Paris France from 2004- 2005, he became further interested in film financing for the film industry, most notably in London and Paris. It was during his time there that he was introduced to Josi Konski in 2005, a well known and successful producer. He learned of a film project that Mr. Konski was producing titled “National Lampoon’s Cattle Call.” Mr. Konski made several trips to Europe, solidifying a strong business relationship with Mr. De Masi and it was during the 2005 Cannes Film Festival that James De Masi and Josi Konski built the framework to take the then ProActive Media Group, now Astrablu Media, Inc., to its existing platform.


The goal is to build Frontier Rider Productions, Inc. to, and potentially succeed past the level of other major independent production companies such as Lionsgate Films.


From 2006 to present he has been actively involved in various Health Care related businesses.