Buckin' Life




Buckin’ Life is a docu-realty style television series that introduces viewers to the up and down life of a rodeo athlete. Viewers will see and hear first hand from some of rodeo’s top riders about what it takes just to stay on the rodeo circuit, their daily struggles both financially and emotionally and what drives them on to chase their dreams.


These riders are a rare breed in today’s America. Most of America has lost that cowboy spirit and have conformed their lives and dreams to fit into the safe, sound growth plan their financial planner has set before them. But out there in the night, on the road between Santa Fe and Cheyenne or in an arena in El Paso knocking the dust off their jeans these Americans ride.


Yes, the show will feature those adrenaline fueled seconds of competition, however the heart of Buckin' Life lies in what drives one to risk so much for potentially so little. The journey to getting that buckle is anything but easy. There are no multi-million dollar contracts in rodeo. It is quite the opposite. A rider has to pay to enter in to each competition. Their training can be bone crushing. There are long nights traveling, living out of a vehicle, and no guarantees they will win enough to get to the next town.


A few will hear the roar of the crowd and clutch that championship buckle. But more often, what keeps them up when driving through the night is the slow, painful realization that success may never come.


Just how tough do you have to be to live this Buckin' Life?



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