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Breaking the Code




Scott Shepherd



What is the code? We all live by a code in one way or another. Some live by a good code and some live by a bad code. But, in all, people follow some sort of guideline. Unfortunately, many people, even successful ones, don’t abide by a good code. This is why, eventually, some famous people become imprisoned, broke and never heard of again. Some say, the price they pay for the short “15 minutes of fame”, is worth the risk. However, don’t believe this. Every one of them would say "If I could do it all over again, I would do things differently."


By introducing (or breaking) the Code of the West to the children, they start to learn that the code provides the foundation of all that is expected of them as human beings. By following the Code of the West, they have a better chance of succeeding in life and becoming what they want to be. No child grows up and says “When I get older I want to be a gang member, bully or sexual predator.” They become this when someone gives up on them and they give up on themselves.


Four selected children, with troubled backgrounds, will embark on a journey of breaking that code. Understanding what each code means and utilizing those codes while working at Amazon Ranch in Pioche, Nevada. They will befriend the horses and will feel that magical bond that develops when one works with a horse. WHY Ranch (a youth charitable organization) has asked Scott Shepherd to be their guide on this cowboy journey. He will show them that living the cowboy way does not mean they have to become a cowboy. The code of the west does not lie in your geographic upbringing (like having to be from Texas or Montana). The Code of the West is in your heart and soul. Cowboys come from all walks of life and from all geographic locations. It’s a way of life.



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