Animal Instinct

What in the world are they thinking!



Tim Link

Tim Link



Animal Instinct travels around the country to pet owners’ homes, animal shelters, zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and farms. An expert at finding missing animals, Tim guides us down streets and through remote locations, finding lost animals. He compassionately counsels owners with animals in failing health or those simply grieving from a recent loss.


Tim’s extraordinary insight will take us into the mind of the animal kingdom. Once the connection is made, he presents his findings, and offers the owners solutions and steps to take. Tim follows up later to make sure the assignments were followed and the desired results have been achieved. The practical, easy-to-follow advice will help everyone gain a better understanding on how to build the best relationship possible with any type of animal.


Everyone wants to know what an animal is thinking. Tim Link teaches us and reveals exactly what’s going through an animal’s mind. Animal Instinct will answer What In The World Are They Thinking?